Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As i was thinking what to title today's blog, the title ramblings came to mind. I don't know if you remember S.H.Tan. Well he has gone to heaven some time ago. He used to write a column in Sunday Mail with this title. I never missed it. He was already well over 70 years of age while contributing to the paper. Very refreshing weekly read about old times and how the Malays, Chinese and Indians got along very well.

The scenario isn't actually as sweet as it was. Long gone were the good times. Halleluja to those olden days. Today we are bogged by the "Ketuanan Melayu". Who came up with this term? No guessing. UMNO of course. And for what purpose? To remain popular amongst the clansmen in order to maintain power. Our politicians are power crazy. They would want to remain in power as long as they live. Its not like they die a legend but here's Malaysian politics as a whole.

I read an article in the Harakah (PAS owned paper) where the writer maintains that 90% of the Malaysian population are pendatang. What he says is the actual fact that no one can deny. The 10% of course makes up for the indegenious like the Jakuns, Temiang, Semai and of course the ones from East Malaysia. So where does the Ketuanan Melayu come from? Aren't we all pendatang?

Any ideas on how the term "Melayu" came about? Let me explain. Indians have been plying their trade oversea for as long as only god knows. I'm not sure when they started trading oversea. Anyway they started trading in Kedah as their first port. Their landmark for Kedah port was Banjaran Titiwangsa and hence they named it "Malai Oor". Malai meaning Mountain and Oor means City or town. Malai oor malai oor malai oor and there you have it - Melayu. So basically there is no specific race called Melayu.

So, to all these people out there trying to create hatred among race just to champion their own cause or agenda, all the best. People have opened their eyes. What happened during the 12th General Elections proved it. In fact i can't wait for the 13th General Elections as I am sure all of us have the same opinion on who will form the Government.

This blog of mine may look vague or has no direction but i hope you can read between the lines. Something to ponder, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's grandmother on his mother's side comes from China, so what is he?

Damn you Parameswara................

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