Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prime Minister Elect

I've mentioned in my previous blog that i have Umno in the agenda to blog about. Before i go further let us all congratulate Barack Obama for his far from superior win over the Republican Mc Cain. All over the world i read congratulatory messages but what shocked me was Badawi's revelation after congratulating Obama was his statement that "Any Race Can become the PM". Was he joking? INDEED I THINK HE IS. As the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, I'm sure he knows the constitution of Malaysia. What was he trying to achieve by saying that? A political milestone? For sure not for someone whose batu nisan has been written politically.

But anyway there are some people who call him Barack Hussain Obama trying to portray him as a muslim. That is one extremist. The other trying to kill his chances were some talk shows in U.S. This i watched personally. Jimmy Kimmel Live on channel 711 was one of them literally mentioning his middle name "Hussain" in order to derail his chances of becoming the President elect of United States of America. In actual fact i am opinionated that the Americans are the most racist of the lot but this time around they proved me wrong.

My last trip to India, i did meet one of the most influential and well known astrologer and asked him what was Obama's chances. He said Obama would win but will not last long. "Not last long" its for you and me to know and understand. Hope god stays with the good and prevail.

Well i digressed enough. I was going to talk about our own political scenario. We have our own Prime Minister Elect to say so. Dato Seri Najib has won the Umno elections hands down. No amount of nomination for Tengku Razaleigh (KuLi) will be enough as the minimum required for the presidency elections being 59 nominations is no more possible. And so to say, come March 2009 we will have Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak as our sixth Premier provided GOD Almighty has other plans which i deem non existent. Hail our new Premier.

This was a result that everyone expected. The deputy PM race is still on but my bet is on Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Definitely a better choice than Ali Rustam with his heroics of presenting Shah Rukh Khan a Datukship for so called advertisement by the latter on Melaka. And his latest fete by announcing that RM 1,000 will be given to those who marry widows. Does he think all widows are desperate? He has actually portrayed women very low. What the fish? Even Mohandas our hero of the Everest adventure is without a title.

The other aspirant remains a joke to me and the divisions that have nominated him are even bigger jokers. Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, his English proficiency being a suspect is vying to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. One thing for sure, if he is elected to be the DPM, we might have to employ an interpreter when foreign dignatories are around. We wouldn't want to be ashamed when and if our DPM happens to be Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib would we? He has not qualified to contest yet and lets hope the situation remains the same.

Let us not talk about the vice presidency nominations. So far more than three have qualified. Eleven are contesting for three positions. What saddens me the most is that Syed Hamid Albar, the misfiring minister has got enough nominations to contest. If you ask me, i think he is a humiliation to the legal fraternity for constantly miscontruing himself. Why i mentioned legal profession is for the fact that he is a lawyer by profession and qualification before going into politics. Too many unqualified people to talk about. So we'll stop at that.

Let us not waste our time and go straight the Umno Youth position. Well we all know who is in the lead. None other than Mukhriz Mahathir. It is a three corner fight as all the three aspirants have qualified. The other two being none other than the infamous Khir Toyo and Khairy Jamaluddin. One would have thought that it would have been the sole horse of Khairy Jamaluddin riding high. Who would have thought that Mukhriz would be the one to lead the nominations? Well I think this situation was possible well after Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi's batu nisan in terms of political life was determined. Why not? Why would anyone want Khairy to become the youth head when he is still new into the world of politics plus new to Umno not mentioning that he became deputy head of Umno Youth just because his father in law is or was the Premier when there are others who had been there for donkey years. Enough of me using donkey as a synonym. Lets use Hyena from now on.

No matter what the outcome is in March for the other positions in UMNO, we already have our PM elect in the name of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. That will not change. Hope he does better for Malaysia. Not being sinister here if you all believe me.

All of you must be wondering why is it that i only speak about UMNO and not MIC me being an Indian. Frankly, what is there to speak? I would not want to indulge myself in something that is irrelevant. Fullstop.

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