Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir

I'm writing in anguish as my comments posted in http://www.chedet.com/ was not published. As all of you are aware, the above mentioned is Tun Dr. Mahathir's blog which I am an ardent fan of but not necessarily a believer of all his calls. According to Alexa International, Tun's blog is on the 27th place in most visited of all time bloggers list. Aware are you not that his blog has 7.3 million hits already in a space of 5 months. Yes, 7.3 million since he started in May 2008.

It is just a matter of time that he will be hitting all time high as he is used to while reigning as the Premier of this country. Highest this and that. Yes, a matter of time before his blog is the most visited and will never be paralleled to by anyone in this world.

My comments in his blog was to his article Snippets - Loss Of Confidence. I started off with publishing a letter which was written by Tun Dr. Mahathir hereinafter called "TDM" to the then Prime Minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman hereinafter referred to as "TAR" after TDM was sacked on 6th June 1969.

This letter was published by the formerly defunct and now up and running again(and arrest of the editor) Malaysia Today, thanks to the follies of Malaysian Government.

The letter dated 17 June from TDM to TAR as follows:-

Your opinions were based on stories you heard from people who surround you, and who tell you only what they think you like to hear or should hear. Permit me to tell you what the position, the thoughts and the opinions of the people are really, so that you can understand my motive for making that press statement.

You yourself told me that you have prevented a riot by commuting the death sentence of the 11 subversive Chinese. In truth this very action sparked the riots of 13 May, which resulted in the deaths of many, many more.

Your 'give and take' policy gives the Chinese everything they ask for. The climax was the commuting of the death sentence, which made the majority of the Malays angry. The Chinese on the other hand regarded you and the Alliance government as cowards and weaklings who could be pushed around.

That was why the Chinese and the Indians behaved outrageously toward the Malays on 12th May. If you had been spit in the face, called dirty names and shown obscene gestures and private parts, then you could understand how the Malays felt. The Malays whom you thought would never rebel went berserk, and they hate you for giving too much face. The responsibility of the deaths of these people, Muslim or Infidels, rests on the shoulders of the leader who holds views based on wrong assumptions.

I regret writing this letter, but I have to convey to you the feelings of the Malays. In truth the Malays whether they are UMNO or PMIP supporters really hate you, especially those who had lost homes, children and relatives, because of your 'give and take' policy.

They said you wanted to be known only as 'The Happy Prime Minister' even though others are suffering. They said that although the country was in a state of emergency you were engrossed playing poker with your Chinese friends. Even the policemen said that you were using official cars and police escorts to contact your poker gang.

Lately, another disturbing factor came to light. The Malays in the Civil Service, from Permanent Secretary downwards, Army Officers and the Malays in the Police Force have lost faith and respect for you. I know that the majority of them voted for the PMIP through mail ballots....

I wish to convey what the people really think, that is that it is high time you resign as our Prime Minister and UMNO leader.

I am fully aware of the powers you still hold and I remember too well the fate of AZIZ ISHAK. But I would be irresponsible if I do not explain what I have said earlier. Even if I am jailed, I have to say what I have already said.

Once more I wish to repeat that the statement I made [on the continued exclusion of the MCA from the Cabinet] is to prevent the Malays from hating the Government more and to stop the Chinese from abusing the dignity of the Malays. A bigger riot will occur if this is allowed. The military itself will be beyond control.

I pray to God it will open your heart to accept the truth bitter though it may be."

My main question to him among others which of course went unanswered was how much a malay is he really judging from his background that his beloved father travelled from Kerala to be a teacher here bearing the name Mohamad Koyakutty. I believe he is able to speak at least a bit of Malayalam if not in a smattering way which i did quote as well.

I mentioned I am not a bit worried that i quoted the above after the almost defunct/irrelevant MIC deputy president Dato G. Palanivel had openly mentioned this fact in the local newspapers asking TDM not to forget his roots.

I have also mentioned in my comments that i was appalled that a person with his calibre and stature was upset that Dato Seri Najib had apologised to the Chinese. Why not? Ask him and he shall say that was not what he meant.

I also asked him on his about turn to rejoin UMNO when he swore(not a statutory declaration) that he will not join UMNO till Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down. If his answer is going to be for the sake of Malay unity, who is he kidding?

Read the letter and judge for yourselves. I should probably make my thick skull understand that these questions will not get me an answer.

May god grace us all.

Trip to India

Looking forward to my trip to India albeit not for the first time. My last trip to India was last year somewhere from late March to early April. It was supposedly a honeymoon cum pilgrimage for the newly wedded couple where the latter took importance.

Well yes, no smoking, no drinking, being a vegetarian and what is the most important thing about being away for honeymoon? I know your yellowed brains would have opted to think about sex and yes that too but of course getting to know your bride better even if you've known her years earlier as being married is definitely different than courting days.

I will give full details or rather adventures of my previous trip to India as I have scribbled its details when I was there on my next posts possibly upon my return from this trip for which I will be leaving friday morning.

This trip will be with my dad, mum and dad's business partner Bala....sighsss..... then again I don't really know why I'm sighing as it is the Poratasi month which started 17 Sept through 16 October 2008 whereby I observe being a teetotaller. YES !! Again no drinking, vegetarian and you all know what else, something that i have observed the last one week. This trip is another pilgrimage (was designed to be so) for me as I would be going to a few temples.

Our itenerary starts with landing in Chennai proceeding straight to Kanchipuram where we will have an audience with the Almighty Kanchi Kamatchi Amman that very night. The following day is off to Tirupati to seek an audience with Lord Vengedachalapathi. You might have seen the difference here when i said earlier to have an audience with Almighty Kanchi Kamatchi and then to seek an audience with Lord Vegedachalapathi.

Apparently it is not easy to see Him unless He gives His blessings for Him to be seen. This was told to me by a few people who have been to Tirupati but unable to see Him. Why go so far, my dad was one of them. Well lucky me, the first time I went for pilgrimage cum honeymoon, I managed to get a glimpse of Him. In actual fact, thats all you get....a glimpse. Just imagine a temple touted to be the second richest in the world after Vatican, opens 365 days with an average number of devotees ranging from 50,000 to 60,000 a day. The crowd can really be overbearing. All the pushing and shoveling. And the temple is only close from midnight 12am to 2.30am to facilitate cleaning works. Never mind about that particular trip as i mentioned earlier that i will give full account of my honeymoon cum pilgrimage trip to India in a later post.

From Tirupati, hopefully we see the Lord and shower us with lots of wealth...i mean health and prosperity, it is down the mountain 40km where the KALAHASTI temple is located. Apparently you pray there to get rid of all your doshams/sins (sounds more like a confession box in a church) and i will certainly need to go there judging by my 35 years of existence in the face of this world.

Thats 2 days and the following day its back to Chennai where my parents will be doing Deepavali shopping, going up and down numerous shops. Nope I'm not going anywhere near there. There is a temple in Chennai itself known as Ashthaletchumi Temple an avatharam ("reincarnation" if this word is suitable to translate the meaning) of Mahaletchumi the Goddess of Fortune which I will make a point to visit.

Two days in Chennai and that is probably how long I would be able to digest Chennai based on my previous 2 trips, it is back to Malaysia on the wee hours of Hari Raya first day celebrations.

Catch you guys laters.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Welcome welcome. Since everybody has taken to blogging, i thought why not give it a try. As was the case with Facebook.com, my brother commented on how come i'm not in facebook.com when well known celebrities eg; Anwar Ibrahim ( i liken him more to a politician than a celebrity) or even Junior T. Rajendar aka Silambarasan aka Simbu interestingly added by some of my contacts. Who can even forget some of the rhymes by the Senior T. Rajendran. Just to mention one "According (pronounced "accarding") to your prosecution Mr.Johnson, you say its poison(paisen), but to me its just an ordinary(ardinary) solution.

I am now a face in the facebook.com which boasts of more that 30 million contacts (thats the last time it was reported, figures might have changed) and i was elated to find many long lost contacts some of whom i am happy to meet and of course the other way around as well but more on the positive side of it.

Wondering where are all the ex'es missing. Not that it matters now that i am happily married with a wonderful wife and a 5 month old lovely and handsome boy named Siedharrth and another 3 months old waiting to emerge to the wonderful beautiful world (or is it the other way around) come March 2009.

Well one thing is for sure, your blog has to be interesting and continuity is a must for it to be a hit. I will have varied topics in my blogs ranging from movie reviews (must get a good friend of mine to give me his reviews) to political scenarios around the country first and if time permits foreign and whatever that may be interesting.

Please feel free to comment. Just about anything.

Ciao for now.
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