Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snippets By TDM


How have you guys been? India trip was a good one whereby i did my level best of pleasing the Almighty to have my fortunes of health and wealth enhanced.

Here's my comments to TDM's snippet which got published. Brimming.

By monkutty on October 7, 2008 10:12 PM

Dear Tun,

We (i probably speak for many whose questions and remarks have gone unanswered) understand that while you may not be able to answer all our questions or remarks, we believe that there were many important ones that have gone unanswered.

Correct me if i'm wrong. Was Anwar not your protege that he rose to the ranks of Deputy Premier within 11 years of coming into Barisan Nasional politics. First becoming an MP in 1982 and deputy premier in 1993. Weren't you one of the forces behind Anwar getting full support from divisions all over that Ghafar had to resign or rather leave in humiliation?

There are many questions that go unanswered or even published. I've had many of my comments not published. Hope this does. I am an ardent fan of you and used to be a silent critic of your previous administration and you. Not today though.

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